Monday, August 22, 2011

A huge Thank You to everyone who came out to show your support this weekend! It was great to see everyone here in Salt Lake, and all the pictures from across the country. I can feel the winds of change blowing, and I know one day it will not be a strange sight to see a woman nourishing her child naturally at her breast. Thank you again for your support!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello everyone,

I am very encouraged by the statements made yesterday by Whole Foods Market in the Salt Lake Tribune article:

“'The bottom line is some people made some mistakes and we have addressed that internally,' said Libba Letton, a Whole Foods spokesperson. 'This nurse-in is a great way to bring attention to an important issue.'

If Love returns to Whole Foods and nurses her son, she will not be asked to cover herself, Letton said. A complaining customer would be told about the policy.”

This is something I have been asking for clarification on for some time. I believe that employee training on how to handle complaints without confronting breastfeeding families is a crucial step in order for a policy to be effective.

Before this article was released, the only details I was given by Whole Foods Market on the policy were that it would consist of this statement, "Whole Foods Market welcomes and supports breastfeeding mothers." This concerned me because in the initial responses that I and others received, Whole Foods Market claimed to 'support breastfeeding' and also defended the actions of its employees against my family as 'appropriate.”

While I truly appreciate the apologies that Whole Foods Market has made since then, I think it is important to follow through to ensure that an effective policy is implemented.

I am asking Whole Foods Market to provide updates on the policy via an easily accessible venue such as their website or blog, so that if families are confronted by employees or customers in the future, they will know that their concerns will be taken seriously by Whole Foods Market.

I know that until a formal policy is implemented, our family will not be contributing to this corporation's monetary gain.

Thank you, everyone, for your support! It has been a tremendous encouragement after such an overwhelmingly awful experience. I look forward to gathering together in person and spirit with you tomorrow!

~ Angelina Love

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If Whole Foods Market Wants To Support Breastfeeding...

Below is the most recent email from Libba Letton, dated July 29, 2011.  Also, below is the response letter I sent to her today, explaining the problem with how Whole Foods Market is approaching resolution of this issue and what they need to do if they want to truly illustrate a dedication to supporting breastfeeding families.  

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Response letter to Libba Letton: